Night Arrival | H. Stuart

H. Stuart, presumably (though not conclusively) Jesse Hilton Stuart, Kentucky’s former poet laureate, is yet another bard whose name I hadn’t heard of before coming across it in a few magazines from the early 1920s. Being the first non-expatriate poet to appear in this series, it seems Stuart has, in the years since his death, garnered even less interest than those who orbited some of the twentieth century’s literary greats. Of the vast catalogue of Stuart’s work I can comment little, as I’ve read only a handful of his poems, but “Night Arrival” is undoubtedly a fine addition to our catalogue of love poems. Quotable, melancholy, and succinct, “Night Arrival” is perfect for any reader wishing to wallow in their romantic woes for a few soul-stirring stanzas. Go, hop into the poetic time machine and weep for your own wayward flapper.

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